Nice and Comfy – Pumpkin Allspice Candle


Indulge in an amazing spicy pumpkin, holiday scent for your coziest moments. When a soft warm blanket and something hot to sip is pure contentment.

Notes of clove, cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin and vanilla create warm, cosy and festive ambiance.

3.6 oz | Approx. burn time is 16 hours


An amazing allspice and pumpkin, holiday scent for your coziest, hygge-like moments.

Halo Rays candles are prayer candles. The scents are designed to bring you moments of contemplation, or when you need to set your intentions, or write a note to the Cosmos.

The candle wax is a blend of olive oil and ethically sourced (reclaimed) beeswax.

3.6 oz  | Approximate burn time is 16 hours


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