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Notes to the Cosmos


How being in out the atmosphere of natural spaces can create a calm, healing atmosphere within.

We have all, in some way or another, felt the impact of the pandemic lockdowns.

As social creatures, the separation takes an emotional toll. For many of us, the lockdowns also meant that access to nature was limited. So we were cut off from a source of well-being. Physiologically, it was difficult too, which becomes more apparent when you learn about how nature is helps to heal and keep our bodies in balance.

At the time of writing, lockdowns have eased across the globe, and now might be the right time to make the most of our nature spaces.

In this issue of Notes, we’re looking at why simply being in nature’s atmosphere is beneficial to your overall health. Anecdotally, we know how a trail walk can clear the mind or how lovely it is to be mesmerized by the waves. Still, it’s good to see that there’s solid science behind why those experiences make us feel good and make us more healthy. It makes seeking them out all the more worthwhile. I hope that these articles inspire you to find a safe way to escape to nature and benefit from its healing power.

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